12’8″ Catspaw Dinghy I and II

There were two of these this year, both very similar. Assorted photos follow.

This classic sailboat is based on the lines drawn by Herreshoff and more recently modified by Joel White. I have built it to the lines drawings but have switched to a gaff sail of slightly larger size to enhance the light wind performance. This also means it becomes more lively in heavy winds! It has a set of reef points to compensate.

It is 6mm okuome plywood with solid mahogany rails, transom, stem and keel. The sail is professionally made of 5 oz Dacron in the “Egyption Cotton”  color. It has a swing, weighted centerboard and an okoume rudder with fir tiller. Seats are or white pine.

Length:  12’8″     Beam:  55″    Weight with sail, centerboard and rudder:  about 105lbs


Catspaw 058













Catspaw 027










Catspaw 014










Catspaw 005 - Copy










Catspaw 049












Catspaw 051








Catspaw 057








Catspaw 062








Catspaw 063










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Posted October 28, 2013 by Kingston Wooden Boats

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