11’9″ Lawley Yacht Tender


   This boat is built lapstrale style with 3/8” thick planks. Each plank overlaps the previous plank, and the seams are epoxied together resulting in a very strong, watertight joint. Because of the high strength of the epoxy adhesive, the entire hull is effectively one piece, producing a strong, lightweight boat (think of an eggshell) that does not need the internal frames of a traditional lapstrake boat. The interior is clean and uncluttered.

   The planking is made from okoume marine plywood and the gunwales, stem and transom are made from sepele mahogany. Comes with 1 pair of oars.

Length: 11’9”       Beam: 48”         Weight: 89 lbs.



Posted July 14, 2016 by Kingston Wooden Boats

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